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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  September 13, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EDT

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kellye: thousands of people are getting out of the path of wildfires raging in california. brown declared a state of emergency after one of the fires almost doubled in size overnight. andy rose reports. >> yeah, i'm all right. brown's emergency declaration comes as the valley fire expanded to more than 40,000 acres sunday. it supports disaster response and relief efforts. >> my parents business. we are lucky it's not our home. andy: the valley fire is raging in lake and napa counties. >> it just came on down. we made it. >> the school is gone. a lot of people have dogs stuck up there. our firefighters were
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injured saturday, suffering second degree burns. they are in stable condition. state fire authorities say that the weather and climate conditions contributed to the fire's growth. >> that is a rapid rate of spread, a dangerous situation. it's how the conditions are right now. with the temperatures and low humidity, the years of drought, the conditions are extreme. the butte fire has grown to more than 65,000 acres. that fire has destroyed at least 81 homes and threaten 6000 structures. 400 firefighters are working to contain that fire. about 100 officers are also helping. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for help to find a group of serial armed robbers that have struck six times in the last two weeks, targeting 7-eleven stores, including ndc,
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maryland, and virginia. investigators will not say how much money has been stolen, they are taking money from cash registers and customers. the city of baltimore has approved a multi-million-dollar settlement with the family a freddie gray, thank $6.4 million to his family to settle all civil claims in his death. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says it does not mean the six officers charged in his death are guilty. blake: the civil claim is completely unrelated to the civil case. the city's decision to settle the civil case and not be interpreted as passing any judgment on guilt or in a sense encehe officers -- or innoc of the officers. kellye: a judge denied defense attorneys request to hold the trial outside of baltimore.
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tonight, the search continued for the people leaving booby-traps along popular hiking trails in frederick county, not far from fishing creek road. >> i have no idea why anybody would do it. kevin: there is concern at the frederick watershed forest preserve. monday, a hiker nearly sliced his foot on these booby-traps. the words were buried in dirt. >> it could hurt kids are anybody. i don't know what they're are doing it for, it's uncalled for. it would probably go through my shoe and severely injure my animals. it would probably go through a bike tire. kevin: the watershed is located about five miles north of frederick. sense of it is a place i go to get away from everything else. i lose a bit of my freedom.
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the sizee police say of the park will make enforcement tough. there are no suspects so far. aresually the motives revenge or targeting a specific person, but to just target anyone, it has to be a special kind of evil person to do that, i think. kevin: kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kellye: a big change for students in montgomery county. the school district is rate -- eliminating to our final exams for high schoolers next school year. school officials say the change restores two weeks of class time. the exams will be replaced with assessments given during normal class time. fairfax county says it needs to make adjustments for the 317 budget. officials are thinking ahead and asked for ideas on how to 2017the money for the budget. coming up, a position to a new
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building going up in the district. why it has already attracted protesters. and a look at the big reveal by poole, the new gadgets about to stores. devon: cool to borderline cold tomorrow morning. forecast coming up.
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kellye: a new planned parenthood
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center is being built in northwest washington next to a charter school. becauseents are upset the construction site has attracted antiabortion protesters. adjacent to this charter school in northeast, construction workers are building a new health center for planned parenthood of metropolitan washington, relocating from its former location on 16th street northwest. >> it's much more accessible, close to bus lines, and it has the capability of having parking. mike: some say it was a mistake to locate next to the two rivers elementary school and across from the middle school because the high-profile organization is often targeted by antiabortion testers. >> i think it was wrong, because the kids, they are so smart, and they will ask questions. mike: parents and residents say that a large group of protesters held graphic signs, shouting at
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people on the sidewalk. one man said that his young nephew was approached. >> he was shocked. he did not know nothing about all that. do not want their children exposed to pamphlets and banners. >> i'm a parent of two children. i can sympathize with parents who do not want adults screaming at their children, and it's unfortunate that protesters have -- involved parents and small children in an adult conversation. planned parenthood says across the country, other clinics have located near schools. it is hoping to have a working partnership with two rivers. the new building is scheduled to open in the spring. details emerging about the restructuring plan at laurel regional hospital. 40 employees have received layoff notices, most of them nurses.
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healthernal and child unit will be close october 11, part of a plan to shift the facility from a full-service hospital to an ambulatory care center come up there is still apes to save the hospital. still ahead, a look at the work week forecast.
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now, be ready for tomorrow. devon: this is not borderline.
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you will need a coat tomorrow, no doubt. at the top of the low temperatures, -- kellye: a coat, really? you said not to turn off the -- turn on the heat. devon: close the window down, get out the code. we are almost in the 40's in gaithersburg. downtown, the temperatures quickly dropped. 57 dulles. ofyou have 50's this time year, the dryer is allowing the temperatures to drop quickly. 63, in the nation's capital, the marine corps memorial. arlington national cemetery, right center. 74 the temperature comparison. these are the high temperatures
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sunday. pittsburgh 64, buffalo with cloud cover and rain and wind, 56 the high. the 70's.t back into did you feel the cold west wing today, 10, 20 miles per hour, something we have not felt in months. days, borderline cold start, mild in the afternoon. the next trouble days, several days, lots of sun and blue skies, warmer. the bigger picture the next two days, getting in close come reset the forecast, go back to the forecast more money. these are the low temperatures tomorrow morning. oceann the beach, 55 in city, 44 gaithersburg. look at the 40's. way out in garrett county, possibility of frost. there is no frost advisory, but
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if you are getting to 36, it's possible. temperatures into the 70's tomorrow afternoon. beautiful blue skies, hardly a cloud in the sky. it will be warm by thursday afternoon, back into the 80's. low humidity still makes that feel very comfortable. , it willhe comparison be centered around the average temperature. compared to that we will be a little hot by the end of the week, but not until friday that you will say it's getting more humid. we may have scattered storms. kellye: are youan aple guy. devon: yeah. kellye: a 7 on your side consumer alert, lots of new products, the iphone 6s and 6s plus. the phones come with a new 3-d touch feature which allow you to pass on the screen, activate
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menus and shortcuts. they are also introducing new features. ndshionistas now have new ba options and apps. >> the important that isn't to you, that's the information that is a poor to you, and the latest news or airline departure times. tech fans are also talking about the bigger faster ipad though, nearly 13 inches wide and has a 10 hour battery life. .hat starts at $799 google is testing a new service to delivery groceries to your door. a similar service is already offered by amazon. the google grocery delivery will not begin until later this year. in san start rolling out
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francisco and one other city that has yet to be determined. just ahead, running again for a special cause.
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now he is racing 200 miles. jay korff is once again telling the incredible story. for tom mitchell, renowned tattoos, is once again running beyond the realm of reality. aboutstart talking children dying, it forces us to look at our own mortality and the mortality of our own children. nobody wants to think about that. a 100ast year he finished mile marathon to raise money for childhood cancer. he lost his daughter, sheila, to cancer in 2009. weep put this "life-saving medicine" into her body. jay: he has four days to complete the grueling 200 mile race, circumnavigating lake tahoe. >> i'm trying to replicate the struggle, the pain, the reality
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of childhood cancer. jay: he is dedicating each mile to a different child who has died from or is battling cancer. nonprofits provides nonmedical needs like rent or groceries to families that get buried under mounting medical bills. a to play and a temper -- a toy at a temporary tattoo also go a long way to help the child in turmoil. >> wow. that's a good one, isn't it? man, looks just like mine! mile number two. jay: in late august, during his sendoff party, he read the names of all 200 kids he is running for. this mother from manassas says designed to cure her daughter took the life of her to an half-year-old. >> i miss my daughter. i buried my two and half year old.
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that is not the way it's up to go. mitchell never knows when a home visit will be his last. treatment case, his damaged his heart beyond repair. >> he has cancer so they will not consider a heart transplant. so he will die. jay: so tom mitchell runs so that someday kids like sammy will have to hope where right now there is very little. jay korff, abc 7 news. 7 news will be there every step of the way. jay korff is the only reporter at the race documenting the emotional and grueling journey. he will provide updates on through tuesday. and another story of dedication and perseverance, a new york man taking part in his six the marathon in less than five days.
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each marathon has been on a different continent. he is doing this to raise money for the wounded warrior project. charlie is doing his final 26th washington, in d.c., and we spoke with him outside arlington cemetery. surprisingly, i'm feeling pretty good, especially coming back to america, knowing this is the last leg. i'm home now, so it's a home stretch. everything feels good. i really loaded up. three were about a day and a half, and now i have had time to recover. kellye: he started september 6 and then went to cairo, abu chile.ydney, and if you want to help charlie and donate to his cause, there is a link on our website at
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weather? devon: if you have the window open tonight, be prepared because it will be cold in the morning. 51 tomorrow morning, could be as cold as 44. 51 tomorrow morning, could be as cold as 44. kellye:
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♪ extra, extra. the political war for the white house just got extra hot. trump's below the beltwayshot. >> having trouble sleeping at night. >> and bush co-starring with clooney on colbert. >> and breaking news, sandra bullock with the hot pick and her new man and the double date with stin. >> and the fatal clash that could land her in jail behind bars. and michaelel strahan's shocking show and tail


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